An interview of Kim Hyun Joong featured in K&Magazine Vol.1 where he was asked about his upcoming drama 'City Conquest'.

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"Because of my new character,  I've now doubled my effort. I am always nervous every time we are shooting. "
Casted as the protagonist in the upcoming korean drama of 2013 'City Conquest'. What would be in his mind when he decided to join this drama.
"I wanted to try a new challenge for my new character. Before most of my roles were a student. My character as Baek Mir in 'City Conquest' have been through a lot of rough and hard times and I worry because it's my first time playing this kind of role. I am now giving twice as much of my effort compared to my previous one. I'm always nervous every time we are shooting. But I'm also happy while working in the shoot. "

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