An interview of Kim Hyun Joong featured in K&Magazine Vol.1 where he was asked about his upcoming drama 'City Conquest'.

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"Because of my new character,  I've now doubled my effort. I am always nervous every time we are shooting. "
Casted as the protagonist in the upcoming korean drama of 2013 'City Conquest'. What would be in his mind when he decided to join this drama.
"I wanted to try a new challenge for my new character. Before most of my roles were a student. My character as Baek Mir in 'City Conquest' have been through a lot of rough and hard times and I worry because it's my first time playing this kind of role. I am now giving twice as much of my effort compared to my previous one. I'm always nervous every time we are shooting. But I'm also happy while working in the shoot. "
According to the news [OBS NEWS], An official of  'City Conquest' team said that they are aiming to air on January next year. Probably a follow-up or a replacement for the drama 'School' that is scheduled to broadcast on December 3rd at 9:55 KST in KBS2.

Kim Hyun Joong and his team has already started filming last July in Japan and started filming in Korea starting last September.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency stated "KHJ is working hard for the drama and at the same time getting ready for his album".

Source: OBS News
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Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong's new drama 'City Conquest' will return shooting starting this December. According to one of the drama's promoter, she wrote that the team will resume shooting despite the cold weather.

    "Even though City Conquest will start shooting next month, I'm kinda worried about the actors and staffs' health because they will be shooting in the middle of a cold weather."

"I'm planning to bring miso soup and hot packs to keep them warm."

"Korea will be hit by the cold wave 1st time in 20 years! Looks like the first snow already came down yesterday night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it. However, I still went out and had fun with the snow. I had soju and hot pot (food). It's really getting cold in Korea. But I will get over with this cold weather with my hot pot and floor heating."


'City Conquest' started shooting early this July from several places in Japan and Korea. Some of the casts already gave up their current project to give focus filming this drama.

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Upon searching for some news about City Conquest, I read this article way back from 2008. It's from Naver News. The title is 'Jessica Gomez for City Conquest Movie Casting'. I wasn't really that sure at first if it's the same with Kim Hyun Joong's City Conquest until I read the name 'Baek Mir', so now I'm certain it's all the same. There isn't so much in the article, only saying that Jessica Gomez will play as the boss's woman and she was chosen to play that part because she can speak english well. No other details given that time.

To those who wonder who is this girl, here is her photo.

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Now I wonder why this project didn't pursue... hmmm.