After hitting sensitive grounds and issues, will City Conquest can still make it to air? Same goes with the fans who patiently waited for this drama to air, should they give up and move on?

Ever since Baek Media announced the drama adaptation of the manhwa 'City Conquest' last May 2012 starring Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi and Nam Goong Min, it already raised interests both inside and outside Korea. Kim Seung Woo and Choi Cheol Ho's follow up casting announcements made fans even more excited for this masterpiece.

A very ambitious drama project that even promises to deliver one of the finest action drama has ever made. City Conquest also recorded to have an enormous amount of money for investment and copyright especially outside Korea.

The producers is said to introduce a never-before-seen strategy in terms to action in South Koreans television.

The casts on the other hand started filming in Japan last July 2012 and even had their fan meeting and promotion for the said drama.

KBS confirmed City Conquest will air in their station though there is no time slot confirmed yet. Rumors spread that this drama will be a follow-up for the School 2013.

However, strange at it may seems but during the latter months of 2012, the drama's progress was kinda slow that time. Due to this, doubt sparked to some fans.

An uphill battle has now began between Baek Media and KBS. Baek Jin Dong of Baek Media said "Since it became like this, I will do my best for my future drama". KBS ordered Baek Media to change writers,  that's why airing got cancelled. "However changing the whole thing is not something that you'll just spit in the face".

Baek Media seems they can not just change the whole thing because the storyline is about revenge and violence.

"Actually when Media Baek made this drama, the script and the actors had a weak feedback. But when a secondary complement has been submitted after a month, we received a letter of intent from the officials of a broadcasting company. Furthermore, they said that the contents might be a little feasible. We earned 55 billion won for filming in Japan which includes concert revenues." "But after the inauguration of KBS's new senior official, all the plans went upside down."

According to KBS, 'City Conquest' has too much violence in it and it's not suitable for public broadcast that's why they cancelled it to air.

"KBS gave us a grace period to work things out until the end of 2013. But they already eliminated us when we still got 11 months left." "I don't think you can not take violence out in an action drama".

In some way, Baek Media got a point. But KBS's new officials doesn't seem to understand and already closed their doors too early.

"One day, KBS called me and said, 'It's not like we are not gonna broadcast it later. But if a problem occurs in the next opportunity then just move on.' "

'City Conquest's' target is mostly Asia and Kim Hyun Joong could be a big part of it.

"However, if this will be postponed then how are we gonna do to those we've already filmed?"

Baek Jin Dong somehow is letting out his frustration as he said that there are possibilities that the actors and other writers can make another 'City Conquest' but he can not do all of this on his own.

And lastly he said, "Me and Media Baek will not take legal actions against KBS Media. The publisher, script writers and me are fine. BUT, City Conquest's writers are hurt a lot. I'm really hurt too"

The battle between KBS and Baek Media caused a lot of fans to be confused and somehow mad at the situation. That's why some didn't know what to do whether to just give up or continue hoping that everything will be alright.

Fortunately KE released a statement yesterday stating that Kim Hyun Joong is about to drop out in 'City Conquest' and so the other casts as well. And this ended the fans' agony. But it also caused a lot of sadness, disappointment and left them the question, ''What went wrong?"

For Kim Hyun Joong, I hope this will not cause him to just give up on his acting career. This must serve him a very good lesson and to strive harder next time and so goes to the other casts as well.

I hope everyone here is also open about what's gonna happen next and just accept it.

And since the casts are on their way of dropping out in this drama, my job here is done. It's been nice working with you. I hope you all continue to support Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Nam Goong Min, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Cheol Ho and Park Hyo Jun on their next projects.

Thank you very much and See you around!


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