DATV was able to air the finished parts of City Conquest. Unfortunately, CC has been canceled in the middle of it's filming due to violent issue as per KBS2.

DATV a Japanese cable channel aired yesterday 'City Conquest, Episode Zero' in the midst of Kim Hyun Joong's comeback in Korean Pop industry as he released his new song 'Unbreakable' last July 18th.

In Episode Zero, All the parts filmed in Japan including behind the scenes were shown in the video.

We were lucky enough to see the could've been a spectacular drama of 2013.

The excellent acting of Kim Hyun Joong who by the way showed huge progress and the ever beautiful Jung Yoo Mi, here's 'City Conquest, Episode Zero'.

Thank you very much to KHJ0606MU for uploading and recording.
Kudos to all the actors and crews who made this wonderful drama even though it didn't made to air in Korean Channel. We've seen enough and we all appreciate the efforts and hardwork!

ahaha...i like it


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