Trend Beaute Blog, one of the drama's promoter stated that the production company of City Conquest wants media to correct their released articles recently. It is not mentioned about which article it was but most likely the article they are talking about is the hardship CC now is experiencing with KBS.
It seems like the drama will make it to air at all even though we've been receiving negative points for the past weeks.
Here's the translated post from Trend Beaute Blog by @OnlyKHJTimes.
Acc to Trend Beaute blog, she worte “sorry for that i can't let you know the detail (abt CC shooting) at this point. And there're many articles abt (CC shooting), i'm letting you know that they're misinformation, n the production company asked to correct these articles. it's true that it takes a long time from the shooting in jp to its organization, so i understand that these anxiety, imagination and rumors come up in this such a situation. i'm sorry that all i can tell you is what i told you here at this point (all she can tell so far now is what she wrote down here), but (i think that ) nice x'mas present (news) will be waited (announced). “

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The fans of hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong's upcoming drama 'City Conquest' organized a movement protest.

The drama has started filming since July particularly in Japan, Tochigi Perfecture and had Promotional Events.

The drama has started filming in Korea last September, and apparently the scriptwriter has been replaced to develop a more authentic story.

In addition fans from Japan, China, Korea and other global fans organized a protest movement "We Want City Conquest On KBS" in twitter to show support and prove the drama's popularity extent.
Netizens shared their reactions and said
I cannot forget those short fragments of their shooting in Japan. Please just broadcast it!!
I'd like to see City Conquest on KBS~!
Kim Hyun Joong's City Conquest will surely be a hit
Everyone has been expecting it~! Pls broadcast it soon
The drama has raised a 10 billion won profit after Kim Hyun Joong joined the drama and already earned a copyright in several foreign countries.

'City Conquest' is based from a 1996 manhwa with the same title written by Shin Hyung Bin that tells a story of a man named Baek Mir (Kim Hyun Joong) who resents his father and will fight against the evil society .

Fans' protest movement is expected to further spread throughout the internet.
From what I read (I just can't remember where) that the writer has been indeed changed, the writer now will be the same with 'The Princess' Man' drama.
Has anyone watched that drama? How was it?

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- Letter of Intent Information to MBC-SBS, The fact that they also sent a Reservation to KBS
- Although it exceeds 10 billion won sold contracts and rights  overseas 'Drifting Possibilities'.

Drama City Conquest starring Kim Hyun Joong with a studio production investment that costs over 40 billion won having troubles in organizing on which channel to air and has now been put into delay. Despite the drama has until recently organized a conference with KBS, it was reported that it failed to close an agreement with the said network.

Baek Media's proposal has been reviewed but "KBS decided that the drama doesn't fit and it should be postponed".

City Conquest have known to send a letter of intention also to SBS and MBC and was supposed to air after the drama 'School 2013'. But KBS' side disapproved it.
KBS's side stated that the drama's intimidating, weight of its production cost and violent outline contents has made them hesitant to broadcast the drama. But Media Baek said "We are still trying to consult the issue with KBS and and we've organized a meeting with the Network's Drama Department on the 17th."

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