City Conquest casts started filming in Japan last July 10 2012. First stop is in Edo Wonderland. Some places like in Cedar Avenue, Toshogu Shrine and Kinugawa Onsen Hot Spring are said to be one of the shooting places.


'City Conquest's representative producer Baek Jin Dong was interviewed by Star Daily News. It's all about the upcoming drama and his thoughts about the casts and the best expected level for the drama. I only translated parts that was connected to Kim Hyun Joong and other casts, the rest are all about his life being a producer etc. etc.
Source: Star Daily News
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Representative of 'City Conquest's' Producer Baek Jin Dong said
"We are now striving for the highest standard level of action and visuals/effects for this drama/story"
"The first shooting spots will start on July 10 in the villages of Nikko, Tochigi Perfecture in Japan. Japan already guaranteed $4million dollars for the shooting progress. The strategy for City Conquest will offer/expect for a larger scale globally. So far, the spectacular action and melodramatic visual that we will offer is never been featured in Korea. All computer graphics and all of the shooting equipments are expected to be in the best level."

Did you expect Kim Hyun Joong to be the lead cast for this drama? "Of course! Not long ago, 'Boys Over Flowers' was aired in Myanmar and the viewership percentage was 55%. In Asian countries such as Japan, Kim Hyun Joong's popularity is by far the best. You might think that casting Kim Hyun Joong in this drama is a mistake, but in this drama I'm 100% confident for Kim Hyun Joong"